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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Support the Cause of Feeding the Homeless in the Heart of Toronto by Nominating BLCF Cafe as Your Charity of Choice Today!

Support the cause of helping the homeless by nominating BLCF Cafe as the charity of your choice and help BLCf Cafe receive a grant to help to provide over 100 weekly dinners in the heart of Toronto, that's more than 5,000 wholesome dinners a year!

Based on the nominations, it seems that multiple nominations for individual causes are permitted. So we are asking each friend of BLCF Cafe Community Dinner to help support the cause of feeding the homeless and marginalized in the heart of Toronto by nominating the BLCF Cafe as your charity of choice in this contest and help bring the prize to this vital cause. In January 2008 started with only 40 guests. Today, the need has risen to over 100 (often as many as 150) dinners served to those most at risk (that's more than 5,000 dinners a year). Let the need of the homeless be your cause and nominate the BLCF Cafe Community Dinner as your 2012 Drive Change charity of choice and feed a homeless person today! Deadline for nominations is August 20,2012.

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