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Monday, July 17, 2017

The Perfect FUNdraiser in the Heart of Toronto at BLCF Cafe!



U of T Student Volunteers

Thanks to all those who support the BLCF Cafe Community Dinner's cause of feeding the homeless and marginalized in the heart of Toronto, including Cold Water Roots who definitely put the FUN in FUNdraising! 😉

             BLCF Cafe FUNdraiser featuring Cold Water Roots - May 2017

A Cup of Cold Water Will Perform A Bluegrass Music Concert To Feed The Homeless In Toronto                                   Bluegrass Music Concert To Feed Toronto's Homeless


Friday, July 14, 2017

Thumbs Up and Thanks to Our TEAM of  Volunteers at the BLCF CafĂ©

Thumbs Up and Thanks to Our TEAM of


at the BLCF CafĂ© Community Dinner,

in the heart of Toronto! 


Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers who helped serve meals at the BLCF CafĂ©  throughout 2016 and into 2017 which is the 9th year that the BLCf Cafe has served Wednesday evening dinner to  100 or more homeless and marginalized guests in the heart of Toronto. 

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BLCF Café needs volunteers to help feed the homeless and marginalized in the heart of Toronto. If you or your group is interested in helping at the BLCF Café Community Dinner, contact Sophie at or 416-535-9578. Here is a link to our info brochure: BLCF Cafe Info Brochure


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