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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship - BLCF Cafe Community Dinner Disclaimer (July 23, 2011): Joe Elkerton resigned from BLCF in November 2009


Disclaimer: Joe Elkerton resigned from Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship - BLF Church in November 2009 and is no longer involved with BLCF Church, BLCF Cafe (Bloor Lansdowne) Community Dinner or any of BLCF Church's outreach ministries.

Contrary to information still posted on some BLOG's and Web Pages, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship - BLCF Church and its Community Dinner is not now, nor never has been, partnered with Project 417, UA - Urban Adventures, Ekklesia Inner City Ministries or any of its affiliates. The Web sites making such fatuous partnership claims may be found if you Google search: 'Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Partnership Project 417'.

Some of the web pages that inaccurately claim past or current partnership with Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship that never existed are:

TO Streets - Homeless BLOG - (

missionlog BLOG - (

The Restaurant at the End of the Internet BLOG - (

Further, Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship Church and BLCF Cafe Community Dinner for the homeless and marginalized uses no outside web-based donation service; receives no government funding; has no corporate sponsorships; and maintains a strict policy of not charging any participatory fees to its volunteers.

Finally, since its inception in January 2008, BLCF Cafe, (also called Bloor Lansdowne), Community Dinner was established by and is operated solely under the auspices of Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship - BLCF Church.

Please direct all volunteer enquiries and donations to Bloor Lansdowne Christian Fellowship – BLCF Church, 1307 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1P1 or 416-535-9578, .

- BLCF Church (July 23, 2011)

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