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Monday, April 4, 2011

♫ Clair de Lune - Isao Tomita - Claude Debussy

It is said that the crew of Apollo 8 has showed the photos of the Earth & the Moon from the space in a live television broadcast on Christmas Eve in 1968 as they read the first 10 verses from Genesis chapter 1.
Neil Armstrong who was the first man to set foot on the Moon on July 21,1969.
Another astronaut Aldrin who walked on the Moon later has said on a television broadcast on July 23,1969 that a verse from psalms has come to his mind.”When I consider the heavens,the work of thy fingers,the moon & the stars,which thou hast ordained;What is man,thou art mindful of him?..”
It is said that he has written out this portion of Psalms 8 & left it on the moon.
It is said that the Astronaut Mitchell carried the microfilm Bible to the Moon in Apollo 14 in 1971.
”The moon & stars to rule by night;for thy mercy endureth forever.”Let us praise God who has created the moon & the stars.

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